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Do More by Doing Less

Some of the most memorable travel experiences happen in unscripted situations where we have stayed long enough in a place to begin to build relationships with those around us. However, most travellers spend their time rushing from sight to sight, never stopping long enough to appreciate the smaller details of daily life around them.

One common reason this happens is that we plan our trips from 30,000 feet, looking down on Tanzania from Google Maps. At such a distance all the destinations in your itinerary look relatively close together.

Another issue is our limited time - our vacations are never quite long enough to do everything we want. To compensate, we try to pack in as much as possible into a short time span, turning a leisure trip into an endurance sport.

Travelling in Tanzania isn’t like in your home country. Delays happen, traffic can materialize from nowhere, or your bus might need to replace a wheel enroute! You will see locals have a calm nature faced with these challenges, and to be happy you should try to mirror their inner zen. However this is impossible if you have packed in a highly programmed trip itinerary that has no room for error.

By slowing down, doing less, we promise you will have more memorable experiences from your trip. Take the time to learn one place really well, and then come back another year to experience a new area.

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