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There is A Better Way to Travel

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Has this ever happened to you? You hear about an amazing travel destination and spend months planning out your trip. You make a detailed itinerary of every sight and attraction, and pick out all the restaurants you want to eat at. Planning the trip is fun – imagining everything you will see and do on arrival.

When the time comes for the trip, you make the long journey to your destination, arriving weary but excited. You set out on your planned trip itinerary with gusto. Is it a trip or a mission? Much of your time is spent sitting in a taxi in traffic jams (how is traffic so bad here!), and when you arrive at the tourist spots you find a crowd of other foreigners snapping photos while an equal number of local touts trying to make a quick sale.

The trip is a blur, you have a thousand photos, but when you get home your family asks you what are people like there? You realize you don't have an answer for them! Did I have any genuine connections with a local that wasn't selling me something?

Travelling like this isn't bad or wrong, we are just saying it can be better. When you look back on your adventures it won't be the sights you photographed (Google Images can show you what things look like after all), but the people you meet and the stories you make together. In our upcoming blog series, we will explain how you can have a better and more meaningful experience by slowing down and doing less.

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